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Brand: Ecart Model: EC00409
WIRELESS & PORTABLE DESIGN: The electric citrus juicer uses USB-C technology for charging. Take our wireless citrus juicer to the outdoor camp and don't worry about running out of power. Enjoy delicious juice anytime and anywhere with one click! HIGHER JUICE YIELD: Press and communicate with ..
RS 6,000.00
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Brand: Ecart Model: E40033
Automatic Rechargeable Water Dispenser Pump Features:Electric pumping, USB charging, built-in rechargeable battery, sufficient power, anytime, anywhere, can be used; small size, portable.Charge 2 hours, one charge can use 5 barrels of water or so; double click to make water flow up. Specifi..
RS 950.00
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Brand: Ecart Model: E40114
Grinder Power 200W Voltage 220V-240v Grinder Machine Dimensions: Height 17cm Diameter 8.5cm Special note: The machine can grind dry stuff, you can not wear wet stuff Only with a damp cloth to wipe the inside, but we can not water rinse Stainless Steel Grinder Bowl to mill coffee cardamom..
RS 2,000.00
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Brand: Ecart Model: E40120
Material: Stainless Steel Plastic 50G Bowl 500ml of Juice Jar Size: 10.5 X 10.5 X 28 CM (Approx.) Controls Type: Push Button Motor: AC Power: 150 W Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz Ideal for Grinding Of Coffee, nuts, sugar Dry Spices Makes well blended juices of all types of fr..
RS 3,200.00
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Brand: Ecart Model: E40031
When you don't have a lot of time, Tobi Quick is the quickest way to looking good whether you are at home or away. Tobi Quick removes wrinkles and odors quickly and easily, it’s safe for all fabrics. It's powerful, compact and lightweight; just plug it in, fill it with tap water and it's ready to go..
RS 2,800.00
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